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5G Week has created a focus point for companies delivering real solutions and use cases built on 5G. It provides a platform for industry to collaborate with leading technology companies and the UK Government.

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  • Day 1 - 1st of June

  • Day 2 - 2nd of June

  • Day 3 - 3rd of June

  • Day 4 - 4th of June





  • As early macro network deployments of 5G start the heavy lifting of serving increasingly common unlimited data packages, the discussion about the optimal approach to meeting capacity and in-building demand comes back into focus. The perennial dilemma emerges; the latest Wi-Fi offering, or a new generation of 5G capable small cells. It doesn’t have to be this way… The multitude of deployment models, the multitude of applications for wireless, there’s room in this boat for two. By exploring network deployment scenarios, device capabilities and emerging industry sector markets, the small cell SIG aims to convince you that the Wi-Fi vs small cell debate should be dead.
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  • - 5 min : Intro to WM5G Transport – objectives, programme & regional partnerships
    - 10 min : Review the 14 Transport products and services being developed on road, rail and trams using 5G in the W Midlands
    - 10 min : Showcase videos of some of the products (~3 projects showcased)
    - 20 min : How have the Transport team supported these new product developments (Transport PM’s talking through cyber security, Proj mgt support, working with customers to develop the market)
    - 10 min : Q&A

  • In a fragmented ecosystem, how do we get connected communities and smart cities up and running at pace, and what commercial models and monetisation structures exist to support this
    - Challenges faced, problem solving, reasons to invest
    - Monetization and commercial model. What’s working, and what isn’t. What challenges are the industry stakeholders facing?
    - A perfect market RFP – what considerations for inclusion?
    - Creating a business case in an unknown RoI landscape – what’s possible, and what isn’t?
    - The social impact of getting things right
    Session Focus:
    1. We need to increase adoption to increase demand and build the business case, but how? What steps? Barrier busting? What interventions?
    2. What do LA's need to get their assets, asset data and usage data in order to build successful commercial models to meet their needs?
    3. Asset/infrastructure Investment funding myth busting
    2.00 Welcome and Introductions
    2.20 Panel Discussion
    3.10 Breakout Room Discussions & Networking
    3.40 Feedback and Closing Discussions

  • 5G-CLARITY puts forward a beyond 5G architecture for private networks, which features a novel access network integrating 5G, WiFi, and LiFi, compute and transport resources, and novel management components to enable AI driven network automation. Based on this architecture, 5G-CLARITY will define communication services that deliver measurable enhancements with respect to the eMBB and URLLC services defined by 3GPP in Release 16, in terms of low latency, area capacity, reliability, and accurate positioning and synchronisation capabilities. In addition, 5G-CLARITY will develop a management plane featuring SDN/NFV components together with an AI engine that will automate network management by receiving high level intent policies from the network administrator.
    Content Outline:
    - MNOs and Private 5G Networks – A Perfect Catalyst for Industry Digitisation
    - High Precision Indoor Localisation for Beyond 5G
    - Beyond 5G Roadmap
    - 5G-CLARITY Innovations Beyond 3GPP Release-16